Enhancing teachers’ response to active threats

When you say the words “first responders” who comes to mind?  Police, Fireman, EMT? But what about teachers?  It is no longer adequate to place all of the responsibility for our children’s safety in the hands of our teachers during an attack and not take the time to properly train them to accomplish that task. Nor is it acceptable to simply tell them, "Lock your classroom door, turn out the lights, hide in a corner and pray that the attacker doesn’t pick your room."   Today, the n...
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Police Lives Matter

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The following is a post from the site  Humanizing the Badge , featuring an open letter to a police officer entitled “Dear Officer, I See You.” Check it out. Very touching. Law enforcement does have a lot of support out there. Dear Officer, I want you to know that I see you. I see you choose the booth in the restaurant that allows you to have your back against the wall. I see you walking to your next traffic stop while you hope that it isn’t your last. I see you pulled over, two hours past y...
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Retired Napa police officer lands first-place halibut

Terry Gonsalves, a retired Napa police officer, recently landed a 145.2-pound halibut at the Seward Halibut Derby Gonsalves was fishing aboard the Tia’ Rose far offshore in the icy waters of the Gulf of Alaska on June 9 with professional fishing guide and longtime friend Tim Berg, a 1972 Justin-Siena High School graduate. Berg, who with wife Carol have owned Berg’s Alaskan Fishing Adventures in Soldotna, Alaska for more than 32 years, landed an even larger halibut. At about 3 a.m., a mammoth-siz...
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Napa to add new electric vehicle charging stations

  As part of efforts to boost the city’s eco-friendly services, the Napa City Council voted in May, to add three new electric vehicle charging stations in the downtown area. The stations, which will be located in the Second Street parking garage and in front of the Napa Police Station, will be paid for using a combination of money from the city and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Mayor Jill Techel applauded the move, calling it another step forward in Napa’s efforts to become ...
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Reunion brings survivors and rescuers together

Joe George came Wednesday night seeking answers. The Napa man suffered a sudden heart attack in April of last year while running on an otherwise unremarkable Saturday with friends, sending the previously healthy 53-year-old crashing to the pavement unconscious. This week, he got to meet the men and women who saved his life. He is one of four survivors of near-fatal cardiac problems honored – along with their rescuers – at the third annual Survivor’s Reunion at the Charles Krug Winery in St. Hele...
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Napa Man Arrested, Accused of Running Brothel, Trafficking Immigrant Women

Erik Cosme, 33, of Napa, and Delmar Tanchez, 31, of San Rafael were arrested after a six-month investigation of prostitution in San Rafael's Canal neighborhood, police said. Cosme also operated a brothel at his home in Napa, police said. Cosme would facilitate the transportation of at least two Hispanic women every week, police said. The women are believed to be new immigrants from Central America, police said. The investigation, which included the FBI and the Marin County Probation and Sheriff'...
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Napa wins new $175,000 domestic violence grant

Though a domestic violence call is the type of case many officers don’t want to field, Napa police officer Bill Hernandez is glad to do it. “It means that someone can be there for the victims and get them connected to services,” he said. “And if there are children involved, it becomes that much more important to make sure the kids are getting the help they need.” Thanks to a $175,000 California Office of Emergency Services grant specifically meant to help children exposed to domestic violence, H...
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"The Policeman"


Dear Supporters of the NPOA, We encourage you to take a moment to view one of our favorite voice narrations below, by Paul Harvey, "The Policeman" depicting the internal as well as external struggles of living life "on duty".   Please go to our Facebook page to show your support by liking our page.  Here you will be able to stay informed on all the going on within our community. NPOA Facebook . Thank You again for your support! The Napa Police Officers' Association  

E-ticketing gives officers more time to keep citizens safe

With the ability to shorten the amount of time it takes to issue a citation, Officers have much more time to patrol their communities and keep their citizens safe. Have you ever thought about the amount of time and paper we’ve saved with the electronic age?  I remember the days of the fax machine when I had to go through so many steps to get information to someone.  Type it up, print it out, fax it over.  Then came email … attaching files to an email message couldn’t have been eas...
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Crime Prevention

Simple Crime Prevention: Anyone can be a target of even the simplest of crimes. Here are some tips to keep you safe in your everyday life: -Always be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. Take time to observe what people are wearing and what they look like in case you have to describe it later to someone.  -Do not leave any items in your car that may be seen as valuable to someone else. Do not give thieves the opportunity. Put valuables in the trunk or cover them so they are not...
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