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Welcome To The Napa Police Officers' Association Website.

The men and women of the NPOA thank you for your visit to our website. The NPOA is a non-profit organization whose members are sworn police officers and police sergeants working at the Napa Police Department.

The NPOA mission is to support its members, and to ensure members receive fair and equitable wages and benefits. The NPOA is also committed to supporting various local activities which benefit the community. We sponsor diverse organizations such as youth sports teams, the 4-H, the Future Farmers of America, the Kiwanis, high school marching bands, and the Napa Police Historical Society. The NPOA uses membership dues and monies collected from citizen donations to fund these sponsorships. We are using a direct mailing for our fundraising campaign; you will NOT be contacted by telephone.

The NPOA thanks you for your interest, and support of our organization.

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Patrick Wilson, NPOA President
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Napa Police Officers Association

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Napa Police Officers Association

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